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Services Delivered To our Customers


Dark fiber on rent or lease

Dark fiber is used in the present society, it is undeniable that the staggering amounts of unused cable provide a number of exciting possibilities in terms of dedicated network capability.


Maintenance of fiber optic cables routes

We provide our customers as necessary means of mainteance needed for the fiber optic cables routes and also help in the installation and providing support to our customers


Maintenance and service of all type of Fiber optic equipment’s

We stand on our own and provide a wide variety of optic fiber and also help in providing the services and maintaince of our the optic fiber.


Laying of Fiber optic cable, over head or underground

We have an extensive team that works on us to provide an over head or underground laying of the optic fiber within a suitable time frame and with better quality fo work.


Maintenance of towers and Wi-Fi systems

We provide our solutions and services to our customers in the maintence of the towers and provide our support to the Wi-Fi systems on the needed time frame.

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